Create culture:
Library Innovative Services

In 2020, the Ukrainian Library Association implements an international project called “Create Culture: Library Innovative Services”, supported by the European Union as a part of the House of Europe program. On a competitive basis, 32 librarians from Ukraine and Belarus were selected and trained by Danish and Ukrainian coaches. As a result of the workshops, each participating librarian developed and implemented a new innovative service for the development of creative industries in their library. These services are presented on the website.

Emotional Stories Service

As a part of the project “Create Culture: Library Innovative Services” the Emotional Stories Service was launched. The service is designed to show libraries how to work with inclusive literature.

The idea was born from discussion during the festival “City and Books” (Belarus) near the stand “Ordinary books about unordinary children”, which is devoted to literature about characters with certain peculiarities. We learned that librarians have a request not only for a list of annotations, but also for methods of working with them”, said one of the initiators of the service, Olha Vovk.

One of such inclusive cases was the development of “literary and tactile leaflets” together with the team of the project “Reading”, the concept of which was suggested by the users of the service prototype. The first prototype was tried out by librarians, the next was discussed with children aged 10 to 12.

“We were invited to give lectures on inclusive literature and people always asked us,
“Show us how to work with a book on a complicated topic and not to cause fear and anxiety? And then we thought, why do we focus only on librarians? And we started developing the postcard project anyone can join”,
says Olha Vovk.

After the testing we realized we needed to simplify the layouts of literary and tactile leaflets for them to become clear. Even the test participants themselves suggested how this should be done. Eventually, the project changed its focus from librarians to students.

On September 1, the project team began sending cooperation proposals to a number of schools.


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